Yondelis project

Data collection for the Yondelis registry was terminated in November 2014. Data on treatment of the patients with soft tissues sarcoma will be collected and presented within a new project, which will be a part of the registries of the Czech Society for Oncology.

The Yondelis project was launched in January 2011 to obtain basic information on epidemiology of soft tissue sarcomas, standard treatment procedures and results of treatment with trabectedin in standard clinical practice. The project is guaranteed by the Czech Society for Oncology at the CzMA and representatively covers network of Cancer Centres that comprehensively deal with treatment of soft tissue sarcomas.

Records of patients with confirmed diagnosis and initiated treatment including trabectedin therapy in years 2008–2010 were entered into the database retrospectively as well. Data collection is fully anonymous and does not affect a treatment scheme determined by the physician, or treatment availability.